Corestate Capital – Part 3: 2021

So this post is to share my expectations for FY21. First stop, my expectation for FY20 below, actuals will be provided Feb 24: As it does not really matter anymore (the market knows the financials are going to be terrible), I have not spent time on it and am simply going with the midpoint ofContinue reading “Corestate Capital – Part 3: 2021”

Corestate Capital – Part 2: Why things had to happen

Before looking at what the future might hold for CCAP, I wanted to post a summary of how it started and why ‘certain things’ happened – actually had to happen, in my view. You see, some of the stuff I said in part 1 need to be explained. Because I actually do see them differently.Continue reading “Corestate Capital – Part 2: Why things had to happen”

Corestate Capital – Part 1: Intro

So first blog post. About a German stock. Why not start with what is perceived to be the blackest of black boxes, the hardest from the ‘too-hard’ pile? Corestate Capital (ticker CCAP). There’s levels and levels to this stuff. The founder, the acquisitions, the debt, HFS, the shortsellers, the CEOs, Covid. This will be aContinue reading “Corestate Capital – Part 1: Intro”